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Our children’s education has suffered greatly after nearly two years of virtual learning and academic setback 

As a parent with two sons currently attending our local public school, I am FULLY invested in ensuring we are supplying our schools with the best resources and enrichment programs that Virginia has to offer. After all, providing a top-tier education is the best tool we can give our children, they are the future. Here are the steps I will take in order to fulfill this promise.

Moving to an elected school board.  As an active parent in Roanoke City Public Schools, I believe parents deserve a say in their children’s education.  That is why I support moving from an appointed school board to having an elected school board.  In something so undeniably important as our children’s education, we need to ensure our community values are found in our classrooms.  No more identity politics in our children’s education.  Getting behind an agenda that best serves our students and supports our teachers should be non-partisan and a priority for our city council leaders.

I am also the father of a special needs child.  I have first-hand experience in dealing with the complicated and challenging uphill battle of trying to get the school resources necessary for a child with special needs.  We need to increase the resources available in our public schools to better handle and support children with special needs and disabilities.  If elected to city council, I will be an advocate for ALL students.  I will work hard to highlight available resources that help guide parents with special needs as well as invest in programs that are needed to better care for our students with learning disabilities.

I am concerned about the uptick in unprecedented high crime and drug use in and around our schools. Rescuing Roanoke should start where our next generation grows up – in our schools. We need to put in place programs like the DARE program.  Installing influential early intervention practices that teaches good decision making is imperative to changing the course of crime in our neighborhoods.  The program also communicates the dangerous consequential actions that result from drug use.  Early intervention programs also provide strong role models and help to build positive relationships between our young students and our law enforcement.  This is worth every cent of investment.

We should be adding additional security in our school buildings with the hiring of multiple School Resource Officers (SROs) in our elementary, middle, and high schools to strengthen security.  Given the current environment, I am disappointed that this hasn’t already happened for the protection of our children.  The presence of SROs will not only add a layer of protection, but it will offer youth an avenue to reach out directly for help and influence from our law enforcement.

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